Our goal is to help our children enjoy a pleasant first experience with school in a safe, fun and educational environment.  We work towards enhancing the development of the “whole child.”  We acknowledge that each child goes through stages of developmental growth and believe that it is our responsibility to enhance that development and to consider the needs of each child.  We offer an integrated project based curriculum with daily learning experiences in language arts, science, math, cognitive motor skills, music, creative play and emotional and social development.  Our program consistently nurtures social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through individual and group activities.  We strive to help our children develop into individuals who enjoy and respect themselves, others and the world around them.

Our school is Bilingual and we spend a lot of time working on language development in English and Spanish.

Our Goals:

To build a strong foundation between home and the school

To build a strong sense of self in our students

To build Independence

To foster creativity

To foster a respect for nature and the natural world around us

To create an environment that is safe, comfortable, loving and warm

To foster empathy for others and build a sense of community

To prepare children academically for Kindergarten

​​​Non-Profit Preschool in Tomales, CA

Shoreline Acres Preschool