At Shoreline Acres we believe childhood is a magical time. It is a time for wonder, exploration and discovery. Young children have an innate interest and capacity for learning. We believe in foster this interest to help the whole child grow and flourish. We do this by providing meaningful experiences, curriculum that comes from the children’s interest, and stimulating learning environment. We believe in the power of play. We offer many open ended materials that provide thought provoking and imaginative play.

Our Curriculum:

We are a child centered school. That means ideas for the curriculum comes from the children’s interests. While some of the content of the lessons are determined by the teachers, the true learning begins as the children dive in and let their curiosity and desire for exploration take over. We are  project based meaning that we will spend an undefined amount of time exploring one subject until the children’s interest changes or takes a different direction. The subject may stay the same but the teacher facilitates all academic learning such as letters, shapes, science, math and  literacy concepts all wrapped up in a topic the children our interested in.

Our school is Bilingual and we spend a lot of time working on language development in English and Spanish.

We also use Alpha Friends to encourage letter recognition and sounds.

Our Goals:

To build a strong foundation between home and the school

To build a strong sense of self in our students

To build Independence

To foster creativity

To foster a respect for nature and the natural world around us

To create an environment that is safe, comfortable, loving and warm

To foster empathy for others and build a sense of community

To prepare children academically for Kindergarten

Shoreline Acres Preschool

​​​Non-Profit Preschool in Tomales, CA